Mobile Deposit with First Financial Bank

Make Deposits From Anywhere With a Smartphone or Tablet

Deposit paper checks directly into your First Financial account by using the First Financial mobile app and taking a picture of the check with your smartphone or tablet. You no longer need to race to a branch after work or schedule a trip during business hours to make a deposit. Make your deposits from a remote location like home, the office, or the sidelines of your child’s soccer game with First Financial mobile deposit.

Here’s how it works.

How to Make a Mobile Deposit

Step 1: Endorse the check by signing your name on the back of it and writing “For Mobile Deposit Only” and your account number below your signature.

Step 2: Open the First Financial mobile app with your smartphone or tablet.

Download from the Apple Store

Download from Google Play 

Step 3: Click “Transactions,” then choose "Deposit Check".
Step 4: Enter the deposit amount and choose the account you want the deposit to go to.
Step 5: Take a picture of both sides of the check within the app.
Step 6: Wait for verification. Write down the confirmation number for your records. Note: funds may be held or available immediately depending on the size of the deposit.
Step 7: Write “void” on the face of the check.