Client Testimonials

We Value Our Clients, and Here Is What They Have to Say

When clients go out of their way to give us a compliment, it means a lot. It lets us know we're doing things right for them. And it lets you know we'll do the same for you. Here is what some of our clients have to say:

“I have been with First Financial Trust and Asset Management since 1993 when my husband passed away. I regard our relationship as a “business friendship”. They spend their time working for me and know how to add a personal touch to everything they do. I see their services and fees as my “professional secretarial help”. This means I can stay independent because someone is looking out for me.

My advisor, Kirk Thaxton, is always willing to help me and I have never found him too busy to talk to me. Since I trust his wisdom, I want my children to know him so they will know and trust him when I am gone.

First Financial has strong leadership and valued principles and I am confident in their stability. They recognize the value of the individual and often recognize those in the community at the Annual Stockholder’s Meeting (which I refer to as our Annual Family Meeting).”

-Roy Helen A., Abilene, Texas

“It is so nice to know I have someone I can feel comfortable with and can trust. I was with another bank trust department for several years and I can remember only one time they contacted me. Other banks are too big and don’t have the time to take personal care of their customers. I don’t feel that way with First Financial Trust.

I have a personal relationship with my trust officer and I know I can email or call with any concerns and he will get back to me, personally and quickly. I didn’t know what to do after my husband passed away and he walked me through every step. I have peace of mind about my investments and my future.”

-Linda C., Midlothian, Texas

“I sold a section of my business and needed someone to manage this investment. I looked around and could not find the personal service I needed and wanted in other organizations. With First Financial Trust, I found someone who heard what I wanted and was willing and able to direct the investment according to our current needs.

They took the time to understand our business and our needs – then solve what we wanted to accomplish with our money.

My investment officer is always a telephone call away and I am able to get ahold of a real person who can give me an answer quickly. If I need something, I am very comfortable calling and he will often take the time to visit with me in person. I am able to understand my monthly statement and appreciate the fact that no fees are hidden – everything is out front.

Every business gets cold calls with people wanting to handle their finances – I never have to wonder if I should change. I am with a company I can trust.”

-David H., Cleburne, Texas

“I do not appreciate being ‘sold to’ and First Financial does not have an agenda to sell. Instead, they focus on meeting my needs. They treat me like a client and not just another customer. I can call when I have questions or want something done, and my trust officer will answer personally and take the time to talk with me.

Their investment philosophy is solid and I know if there is ever a change in administration, the transition will be smooth because the philosophy remains the same. I am confident in their stability and permanency.

I have peace of mind and know it will be an easy move for my children after I am gone. They know the people and won’t have to worry if things are taken care of the right way.”

-Fred Lee H., Abilene, Texas

“Another company put together this trust before it came into our hands – and they made a mess of so many things. After coming to First Financial Trust with this business, our trust administrator, Barbara, has gone the extra mile to get over the hurdles and work through the problems that had been created.

We would call our relationship a ‘friendship’. She stays in close contact with us, monitors our accounts and lets us know of anything that needs to be brought to our attention.

The office staff is also friendly and helpful. They take time to talk with us about any need we have. They truly go above and beyond what you would expect from anyone. We would recommend them to anyone and have highly recommended that our family stay with them.”

-Bill & Barbara W., Odessa, Texas

“Doing business with First Financial has been a privilege and a pleasure. They have shown real professionalism and ready access for all of my questions, while providing assistance in all areas of banking.

Our assets have grown and done extremely well under the Trust Department’s management. My thanks to Richard Young, et al.”

-Mrs. John A. (Virginia) Wright, Abilene, Texas

“I came to First Financial Trust after experiencing problems with another company and receiving some poor advice from them. I also found there to be no personal relationship with the other company.

At First Financial Trust, I have received personal and very professional service. They have helped me with maintaining my financial affairs, and I know that will continue for the spouse when one or the other of us is no longer here.

My trust officer, Konrad, is very responsive and takes care of me in a personal way. I get service when I need it – when I call with questions or concerns, he makes the time to talk with me.”

-Derrell J., Southlake, Texas

“My job is to make the money and their job is to keep it and invest it to make more money. I believe in focusing on things I know how to do and letting professionals who know their job, do what they know best. That is what I have found at First Financial Trust – a team of professional money managers who know what they are doing and know their business.

My money is always safe in their hands and I can sleep better at night because I know I can trust the investment team at First Financial Trust to manage it the way I want. I trust their expertise and their knowledge especially during an uncertain financial market or during times of turmoil in the market. They have always helped clear up the muddy water for me which makes the decision-making process easier.

I know that my trust officer has the same mindset that I do, and I love the access I have to him and the rest of the team. I don’t have to wait days to get in front of someone. When I go in, my question or problem is handled right then. Someone always makes themselves accessible to me and I am able to get in front of a person who can make decisions and make things happen. They are not just the order-takers you find in other investment houses.

First Financial Trust is a small enough company to be personal and have a home-town feel, but a big enough company to be stable and secure.

I have recommended them and do on an almost daily basis to people just like me, who are good at what they do and need a team of professionals to help them accomplish their goals with their money. Never once has anyone been disappointed.”

-Ron P., Stephenville, Texas

“I am a co-trustee of a family trust that has always had their business with First Financial Trust. I have been very pleased with their service and their willingness to jump through hoops and the “ring of fire” when needed.

I have found them very responsive and helpful whenever we have needed assistance.

There are several co-trustees in this account and even when we find ourselves wanting to approach a problem from different directions, the team at First Financial Trust always handles the situation in a calm and professional manner. They do a great job of working with each of our different personalities as well as taking into account our different needs in order to help bring us to the solution or result that is best for our account.”

-A Satisfied Client, Stephenville, Texas