Tom Blackwell

Senior Vice President, Abilene

Since 1998, Tom has worked for First Financial Trust managing farm and ranch real estate as well as residential and commercial properties. 

He has a bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries sciences and a master’s degree in range science, both from Texas A&M University. Tom worked as a research assistant and teaching assistant at Texas A&M. 

For nearly 20 years, Tom has created intensive and award-winning wildlife management programs. He also has extensive experience in wind energy leasing. 

Tom is co-manager and operator of a 2,300-acre family ranch southeast of Abilene. 

The Wildlife Society, the Texas Wildlife Association and the Society for Range Management are among the several professional organizations in which Tom has been involved. He has served on the Research and Education Committee for the Texas Section of the Society for Range Management and currently serves on the Taylor County Agriculture Committee and as a director of the Taylor County Livestock & Wildlife Protection Association. Tom is a Meals on Wheels Plus Inc. board member and co-chairman of the Meals on Wheels Plus Sporting Clays Classic.