Mesquite Heat Relief Loan Program

Relief Program Details

Fast Cash Loan Option: 

For those who need immediate access to cash to help offset short-term expenses as a result of the fires.

  • Loan Amounts: Up to $20,000
  • Collateral: Unsecured
  • Interest Rate: 5% Fixed
  • Repayment: 60-Day Deferred only with 3-year P&I thereafter
  • Minimum Standards: Minimum credit score of 640 with no charge-offs or past dues within previous 12-months
  • Other: 1) Secured loan option available for those that don’t qualify for unsecured. Same terms but additional underwriting required. 2) Must have incurred direct impact from fires

Example: A $5,000 unsecured loan for 3 years at 5.00% is $149.85. 

Payment Deferrals:

We are allowing up to 3-months of payment deferrals to anyone who resides in an impacted zip code. Please note that as a borrower you must pay your escrow and we cannot allow a deferral on home equity lines of credit, bankruptcy, or non-accrual loans.  

Looking to learn more? Speak with a lender today to see how we can put You First in recovery.