Farm and Ranch Management

7 Benefits of Professional Farm and Ranch Management

Maybe you own a vast expanse of rural land, with fields stretching as far as the eye can see. Or, you inherited some family farmland and want to be a good steward of it but it is located 10 hours away. While it's a dream come true for many, managing such a property as we age or from a distance, can be a daunting task. This is where having an asset management partner can make all the difference, maintaining your agricultural land as a thriving investment while easing your workload and concerns.

Here are some of the ways with the right asset management partner can help with your farm and ranch real estate:


An asset management partner brings expertise to the table. Professionals understand the nuances of agricultural markets, crop cycles, range and wildlife management techniques, and renewable energy markets. This knowledge helps maximize the returns from the land, while being good land stewards and meeting the long-term goals of the client.

Responsibilities Off Your Plate

Managing farm and ranch property involves many responsibilities, from property taxes and insurance, to engaging quality tenants whose on-site skills continue to enhance the property. An asset management partner handles these tasks efficiently, ensuring that all aspects of landownership are professionally overseen, ensures that the land operates smoothly, and meets all legal and environmental standards.

Risk Management

Another key benefit is risk management. Agriculture is inherently exposed to various risks such as weather fluctuations, market volatility, and production uncertainties. An experienced asset management partner works with on-the-ground tenants to employ risk mitigation strategies, such as crop insurance, diversification of crops, grazing strategies and hedging techniques, to safeguard your investment against unforeseen challenges.

Oil, Gas & Mineral Rights

Oil, gas and mineral interests are unique to other wealth-generating assets. The right asset management partner will effectively manage your interests through every phase of oil and gas exploration, development, and production to maximize revenue-generating opportunities.

Save Time and Energy

Collaborating with an asset management partner also frees up your time and energy. Instead of getting bogged down in day-to-day operations and administrative tasks, you can focus on other aspects of your life or business. Whether it's pursuing new ventures, spending time with family, or simply enjoying a well-deserved break, having a reliable partner managing your real estate gives you peace of mind.

Strategic Guidance

An asset management partner can help you navigate long-term strategic decisions, such as land expansion, investment diversification, or succession planning. These insights and guidance enable you to make informed choices that align with your financial goals and aspirations. In many cases, this partner might manage other aspects of your financials, giving you turnkey advice.

A Local Partner You Can Trust

Partnering with First Financial Trust for your agricultural land brings a wealth of benefits, including expert knowledge, risk management, strategic insights, and access to your relationship manager who can guide you through the process. It's like having a trusted ally by your side, ensuring that your land flourishes and contributes to your overall financial well-being. At First Financial Trust, we manage more than 400,000 acres spanning several states and offer unmatched expertise.

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Article Written By:

Justin Bryan
Senior Vice President, First Financial Trust Real Estate