First Financial Bank Privacy and Security Information

Your Privacy and Security Always Come First

Whether you bank online, in person or over the phone, First Financial Bank is constantly working to protect our customers. Awareness is one of the first lines of defense, and we need your help. We've established a number of measures to help protect your personal and business information online. Learn how we use and protect your information – and what to do if you become a victim.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information belongs to you, and you have the right to determine how the information is used. Click the link below to learn more about First Financial’s Privacy Policy.

What does First Financial Bank do with your Personal Information?

Secure Login

When you transmit your information on the internet, it is not a direct connection to the destined server. In fact, your transmission is normally routed through many servers and different connections before it reaches the target.

Without a secure connection, your information can easily be read by people on those servers. With a secure connection, your data is encrypted before it is transferred. By doing this, data cannot be read by people along the way.

Initially, you will log in to the First Financial online banking system with your user ID and the temporary password provided when you opened the account or when you enrolled. After you have logged in, the system will ask you to provide some online contact information under 'Create My Profile'. This information is essential for First Financial to communicate with you. After you create your profile, you will need to select a new password. It is a good practice to periodically change your password. If you ever believe your User ID and/or password have been compromised, change them immediately.

For more information about online banking with First Financial, click the link below.

Personal Banking FAQ 

Information About Phishing, ID Theft and Online Scams

Criminals use a tactic called Phishing to access your personal information. Pretending to be a financial institution or vendor, they will ask you to verify certain data at the risk of suffering legal action, account closure, or some other negative consequence. The idea is that you will email the information to them. In turn, they steal your identity using information you provided.

This has been such a problem that the Federal Trade Commission has published articles to inform consumers. Read the articles by clicking the links below.


Understand Phishing & How to Protect Yourself

Learn About Preventing ID Theft & New Scam Alerts 


If you receive a deceptive email, such as a message phishing for any personal information, forward it to the entity wrongfully being impersonated.

  • For First Financial "Bank-related" phishing email, forward it (as an attachment) to and contact us immediately at 800-588-7000.
  • If you encounter a fake website, or pop-up window, or if you responded to one of these with personal information, call 800-588-7000 immediately. 

Fraud Prevention

Protecting your business from fraud is just as important to us as it is to you. Technological advances have increased the frequency, sophistication, and ease of creating fraudulent checks. Businesses could be victims of fraudulent ACH debits as well.

At First Financial, we’ll partner with you to help reduce your exposure to fraudulent transactions. By establishing good business practices, such as segregation of duties and dual control for outgoing payments, using Positive Pay, and monitoring your account online, you can significantly mitigate fraud risk.

Positive Pay  identifies authorized checks to be paid. When you enter the details of issued items, we match checks presented for payment to your issuance data and share with you any unmatched exceptions, so you can make payment decisions on those checks.

ACH Block/Filter enables you to control which ACH transactions post to your account, if any.

Should fraud occur, we’re committed to working closely with your business to resolve the situation quickly. For more information, contact us by calling 877-627-7201 or emailing