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Make Informed Financial Decisions With These Online Tools

Want to learn more about growing your money and reaching your financial goals? First Financial has a wide range of tools and resources to keep you on the path to success. Any one of these calculators will help you determine the best financial decision for your specific situation or answer questions about where you should live.

Calculate a Mortgage Payment

If you want to know how much your house payment would be each month, enter relevant details and find out with this mortgage payment calculator.

Calculate Now

Should You Rent or Buy a Home?

Determining whether you should rent or buy your home is a nuanced decision. Use this calculator to learn more about the financial piece of the puzzle.

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Proceeds from Sale of a Home

Where does the money from the sale of your home go at closing? This calculator shows you how much money is allocated to what.

Where Do the Proceeds Go?

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Analyzer

Are there benefits to choosing an adjustable rate for your mortgage rather than a fixed rate? Find out with this First Financial calculator.

Analyze Adjustable Rate


Should you refinance your home? Find out if you could save money by refinancing your home by using this calculator.

Time to Refinance?

Should I Rent or Buy my Home?

The decision whether to rent or buy your home is based on any number of factors, including your timeline, equity, amenities, maintenance, and taxes. Let First Financial help you explore the pros and cons of renting and buying as well as the financial implications of each.

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