Business Online Bill Pay Changes

Bill Pay Service to Put YOU FIRST!

We have exciting news! As of March 20, 2020, we introduced our new and improved Business Bill Pay service to provide you with enhanced reliability and more features to put YOU FIRST.

To see a demo version of all of the new features, click here.

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What Has Changed? 

  • Funds verified and collected on process date instead of due date.
  • Basic package includes 25 bill payments and/or payments via direct deposits for free and $0.95 for each additional. Or, ask about our Business Online Banking Enhanced package with 50 bill payments included, PLUS the Optional Small Business Payroll Feature for a monthly fee. 
  • Inactivity fee of $4.95 after 12 consecutive months of non-use.

What Information Was Transferred? 
Your current customer setup, payee contact, and account information will be automatically transferred to the new online bill pay system, and you will not need to re-enter this information. In addition, your scheduled one time and recurring payments will also be transferred.

What Information Was NOT Transferred?
Bill pay admins, please be aware that you will be the only bill pay user transferred over. Any sub-user information will not be included during the upgrade It is important to review your Business Online Banking sub-users that have access to the current Bill Pay Service. Then, please let us know if a user’s access needs to be removed.

Who to Contact for Questions: 
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Business Bill Pay service, please feel free to contact Client Support at 877-627-7201. Thank you for choosing First Financial Bank. We look forward to serving you better with our new and improved service!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Online Banking Basic package gives you 25 PAYMENTS per month.  You can have 1,000+ payees, the fees are based on payments processed.

Remember, we are moving to a prefunded model such that any ELECTRONIC payment will be collected from the account the day before it is due which is considered the process date.  If the money is not available on that date, you will receive an email letting you know the payment failed and was rescheduled to the next day.  The system attempts for 3 days (process date and 2 additional business days) to collect the money (checking at 7am and 2pm CT) and send the payment before it cancels.  

Checks are not prefunded as the money comes out of the account when the check clears if funds are available.  If a check is lost, a normal stop payment, like on any of your accounts, needs to be placed on the bill pay check since it is written off of your account. Research is just like all others checks as well.

We are loading bill pay checks written to Positive Pay if the account is set up to use that system. We will add the Sending Company ID for the electronic payments to our global ACH Filter “pass” list.  This means bill payments should not become exceptions.

History prior to 3/20/2020 will be viewable in a special report, separate from history originated in the new system.

When you add new accounts to bill pay, we must approve that account being added.  We will require the account be setup in Business Online Banking to be added, and of course, you must be an owner/signer of that account to add it.

Dual approval can be turned on for Bill Pay.  It is completely managed by the Admin in the Bill Pay system.

Pay From Accounts can only be checking accounts.  Savings accounts are not valid bill pay accounts.

Post conversion, some payees may have been electronic in the current but are now Checks in the new Business Bill Pay.  This could depend on whether the new bill pay has the payee’s bank account information.  This could also be the address used when setting up the payee – it was not a match on the new Business Bill Pay.  

With the current bill pay an electronic payment that was $10,000 or over, would trigger a conversion to a check payment instead of an electronic payment.  However, in new Business Bill Pay, we do a funds verification on processing day before sending the electronic payment and if funds are available, the memo debit will be placed, and the electronic payment sent; no more converting to check because of the amount of the payment.

New Features

Feature Available

Current Feature

New Feature

Receipt of Online Bills with The Ability to Review

Scheduling Options for Variable and Recurring Payments

Paying Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere in The US And Puerto Rico

Adding, Changing, Deleting, And Organizing Payees

Reviewing Pending Payments

Expedited Payments 

User Friendly Payment Center to Manage All of Your Bill Payment Activity on One Screen

Bill Reminders to Notify You When A Bill Needs to Be Scheduled, Or A Payment Was Paid

Calendar Feature to Assist You in Identifying the Earliest Available Payment Date

Additional Payment Options

  • Email To and From Your Other Bank Account – Up To $2,500 Per Day

  • Pay A Person or Email A Direct Deposit

Positive Pay Integration

Ability to Select Appropriate Business Title For Payments

Ability to Manage Bill Pay Funding Accounts and Nicknames

Optional Small Business Payroll Feature – Offers a prefunded low volume way to direct deposit to employees. *Requires Activation

For bill pay support, call First Financial Treasury Management Client Support at 877-627-7201 Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm. 

Beginning March 20, 2020 - NEW after hours Bill Pay Support: 866-243-9974 from 6:00 pm to 1:00 am Central Standard Time.