Client Information


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As part of our commitment to delivering industry-leading service offerings and client experiences, First Financial Trust will undergo a core system conversion in the coming months. We are excited about the enhancements and changes that will take place during this time to improve our ability to serve current and future clients.

What This Means For You – Many of the changes that will come from the conversion should go unnoticed by you. However, there are some areas where change will be more evident. The most notable are statements, a revamped client portal, and a seamless mobile app.

•New Statement Format – We are excited to introduce a refined statement format that will offer a more client-friendly overview of your holdings, and transactions. Simplified language and engaging charts will make understanding your financial information easier than ever. The statements will provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your wealth.

•Client Portal – Total Wealth, the enhanced client portal, will provide a central hub for accessing your accounts, exploring our services, and obtaining educational resources. Total Wealth is designed for ease of use and provides a real-time view of your holdings, with real-time pricing. In the coming months, for clients that direct their own trades, Total Wealth will provide the autonomy to initiate and execute trades directly.

•Mobile App – The First Financial Trust mobile app will extend the Total Wealth client portal experience, offering convenient and secure access to your account information from your iOS or Android device. The app will offer many of the same great features of the client portal and has been designed with you in mind.

•Timeline – Our team has developed a comprehensive implementation plan to ensure minimal disruption to our clients. While extensive measures have been taken to ensure a seamless transition, there may be a brief period during the conversion where certain services might be temporarily unavailable. We will communicate these disruptions in advance so that we can plan to accommodate your needs during this time.

Important Dates and Activities:

•October 2nd – The new Total Wealth client portal and mobile app will become live and will be available for you to access.

•Statements – In October you will receive a year-to-date statement ending September 30, 2023 reflecting all activity to that date.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this period, and we are confident that the enhancements we are making will greatly benefit your overall wealth management experience. Thank you for the continued confidence you place in First Financial Trust. We look forward to introducing these exciting changes and providing you with an enhanced wealth management experience. Please call your Relationship Manager if you have any questions.