FirstPass Voice Authentication

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Your Voice is Your Password

FirstPass recognizes your unique voice in order to access your account information when you call our Customer Care phone line. This new, extra layer of protection helps keep your accounts and personal information safe and secure.

How To Enroll

Call our Customer Care Center at 855-660-5862. We will walk you through the entire process and it only takes a few minutes!

Learn More about FirstPass Voice Authentication

Q: What is voice biometrics?

Voice biometrics is a technology that listens to a human’s voice and determines who that person is. It distinguishes voice characteristics based on size and shape of the speaker’s vocal tract, mouth, teeth, and other physical characteristics. It also measures behavioral characteristics such as accent, speaking rhythm and more. The technology captures a stored utterance of a human voice used to verify a person’s identity. It is based on unique physical and behavioral characteristics of our voice.

Q: Why are institutions using voice biometrics? 

Voice biometrics is a technology that is increasingly being used by organizations around the world that include financial institutions, telecommunication service providers and other enterprises that require validating the identify of customers within customer service channels. It offers a secure method of verifying customer identities, safeguarding data and combating fraud.

Q. How is my voiceprint captured and stored?

Your voiceprint is captured by voice biometrics software to later identify the individual speaking. The software uses the voiceprint along with statistical models to determine the likelihood that a voice matches to person registered with a voiceprint.

Q. How secure is voice biometrics?

Voice biometrics is very secure. Rather than storing a recording of a voice saying a passphrase, a more secure approach is to generate a proprietary and irreversible voiceprint by using an algorithm to extract key characteristics of the voice and store it in a format that can’t be reverse engineered back into human speech. No personal identifying information is needed to capture the print or stored with the print.

Q: How long does it take to create my voiceprint?

Typically, it takes less than 30 seconds of speech for the biometrics engine to gain enough vocal and behavioral characteristics to produce an identifying voiceprint. The entire enrollment process can be completed in under 2 – 3 minutes.