Customer Information Updates

Be Connected, Stay Protected

In recent months there has been an increase in fraudulent activity across the nation. First Financial Bank is working hard to make sure customers are receiving timely and accurate information through proper channels. We have implemented measures to better protect our customer's accounts and lessen exposure to fraud. If First Financial Bank ever suspects fraudulent activities on your accounts, we will reach out to notify you. 

Please help us keep your accounts safe, sound, and secure by providing us with up-to-date customer information. 

It is important that First Financial Bank has a proper way to communicate with you, especially during unsure times. There are several ways you can provide necessary information:

  1. Visit you closest branch and speak with a personal banker. 
  2. Contact your local office and update your information via telephone. 

We also ask that you contact the bank immediately if you have any suspicions that your account or personal information has been compromised. If you ever receive a notification that you are unsure of, contact the bank only through the phone numbers found on our Contact Us page to make sure you are connected with the right person to help. As always, remember First Financial employees will NEVER ask for passwords, PIN numbers, or secure access codes through email, text, or unsolicited telephone calls.

Once you information is up to date, keep it TEXAS STRONG with these few tips:

  • Avoid generic usernames that include your first or last name, or first initial and last name
  • Include numbers and special characters in both your usernames and passwords
  • Read about credential stuffing and how you can better protect your accounts

First Financial Bank is committed to the security of our customers' information, and we thank you for your assistance in this process. 

Other Resources To Protect Your Account:

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