Debit Card Fraud Alert FAQs

You do not have to enroll to receive automated debit card fraud alerts. This feature is complimentary with all First Financial debit cards; no need to opt-in!
Text Messages: 47334
Phone Calls: 866-446-1180

TIP: Save these numbers so you can know your alerts are from First Financial Bank!
No. We have always monitored our accounts for fraud. Now, the alerts will be automatic and real-time, giving you a head-start against fraudulent charges!
Respond YES to the text or automated phone call. You can also call 866-446-1180 to confirm a charge.

If the transaction is automatically declined, try swiping your card again once you have authorized the transaction via text message. 
There is no time limit for your response. However, if you respond later than 72 hours after the alert, you may be asked to provide additional information to confirm or deny your transaction.
If your card is restricted due to a transaction that is legitimate, simply reply YES to the text message or IVR call. You can reply to the text message or IRV call at any hour.  If the restriction is due to a fraudulent transaction, you can call 855-660-5862 or visit a branch near you to order a new debit card and/or file a dispute if needed. 
If you recieve alerts via text message, you can reply YES and try your transaction again. You can also reach out to our debit card fraud detection team any hour at 866-446-1180. 
There are two main reasons you might not receive alerts:
  • Your transactions do not appear out of the ordinary and no fraud has been suspected
  • Your contact information requires updating 
    • You can update your contact information via online or mobile banking.
      • Settings > Address Change > Submit
        • When you update your information inside online or mobile banking, please allow a few days for the change to finalize.
    • You can also contact us at 855-660-5862 for an immediate change.
Text messages and emails will be in real-time. You will automatically receive a text or email for a transaction that is suspected of fraud any time of day. 
Yes. However, we strongly recommend against it. Fraud alerts are a great tool to monitor your accounts and prevent false charges. If you would like to discuss your options to opt-out, please call us at 855-660-5862.