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Dear Customers and Friends of First Financial Bankshares. I know each of you have read about the closures of Silicon Valley Bank in California and Signature Bank in New York. Both of these banks were focused heavily on the volatile crypto industry, they only catered to niche markets and did not have a diversified depository or loan base; they grew very quickly and utilized those deposits to make long-term investments in the bond portfolio which ultimately created a lack of liquidity for both banks. 

Fortunately, First Financial Bank does not do business in any way, shape or form like these banks. Safe, sound and secure are the three words that reflect who we are. We are pleased to remind you that we are and have been one of the safest banks in the country since we were established 133 years ago. Below are some facts to confirm to you and your friends that we are safe, sound and secure:

1. For over 133 years of the bank’s history, we have never experienced a net income loss, even through the Great Depression, oil bust, the Great Recession of 2008-09 and a global pandemic.

2. Our capital levels are strong and significantly above regulatory requirements.2022 ANNUAL REPORT 

3. We have very strong earnings and just completed our 36th year of increased earnings with an annual net income of $234 million in 2022.

4. Our credit quality is pristine with a low level of problem loans. We have never wavered from good credit standards, no matter what is going on in the economy.

5. Our liquidity is good and we have several lines of credit to draw from if we need additional liquidity.

6. Our deposit base is very diversified with over 330,000 accounts and growing. We have 79 locations across Texas which also helps our diversification.

 7. This week has been business as usual with deposits holding at a consistent level.   Q2 23 Investor Presentation  

8. In February 2023, Forbes magazine named First Financial Bankshares, Inc. the number two bank in the country out of the 100 largest publicly traded U.S. banks and thrifts, ( Forbes’s ranking is based on nine metrics measuring the banks’ growth, credit quality and profitability.

9. We have just released our 2022 Annual Report along with the 10-K and Proxy which are on our website for you to review in detail, ( This will allow you an opportunity to dive into our numbers to see why we are safe, sound and secure.

We value your business and our relationship with you greatly and we are here to provide you with the ultimate customer service delivered in a safe, sound and secure manner. Our accomplishments and strong performance over these years did not just happen on their own but rather through the dedication and hard work of a professional team of board members, officers and employees with whom I have the honor of working. They continue to go well beyond the call of duty in providing our customers and communities with exceptional service, and I thank each one of them. We are available to visit with you personally at any time that you may have additional questions. 

We thank each one of you for your business, dedication and loyalty to First Financial Bank. I can assure you that we never forget that we work to put You First!

$12.8 Billion in Total Assets

$6.8 Billion in Total Loans

$10.8 Billion in Total Deposits

36 Years of Consecutive Earnings Increase

$9 Billion in Total Trust Assets

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