Our Culture

We Are Driven To Exceed Our Customers’ Expectations

Our 21 Non-negotiables

  1. We are professional at all times.  All forms of communication must reflect First Financial’s image of Excellence. We maintain clean workstations, dress appropriately, and limit cell phone usage to prevent interference with customer service.
  2. We keep our facilities in immaculate condition. We are all responsible for ensuring our facilities are clean, organized, maintained properly, and welcoming to our customers.
  3. We assist each other.  We step out of our primary duties to effectively serve our customers. We are gracious and treat our customers and each other with respect and dignity.
  4. We take ownership of any problem or defect. We fully commit to correcting the problem or defect and follow up to ensure its proper resolution.
  5. We are all on the same team.  Never refer to “they” or “them.” Always refer to “us” or “we” in every customer interaction.
  6. We are available.  Our hours of operations are guidelines, not limitations for satisfying individual customer desires and preferences.
  7. We are attentive.  Always recognize our customers by giving them complete, undivided attention and focus. No matter your role or what you are currently doing, stop and greet the customer with a smile and offer assistance.
  8. We do not point.  When a customer asks for directions, take the time to personally escort them. While escorting them, introduce yourself and ask their name so you can provide a proper introduction.
  9. We provide a warm welcome.  When a customer enters our area, make eye contact and greet them within 9 feet, calling them by name. Whenever possible, stand up, walk from behind your desk, and shake your customers’ hand. Greet them by saying “Welcome” and “Good Morning/Afternoon” and ask, “How may I assist you today?”
  10. We are empowered and compelled to fulfill our customers’ needs.  Identify their unique requirements and preferences and attempt to individualize their experience.
  11. We provide a fond farewell.  Before a customer leaves your area, always say, “Thank you, Mr./Mrs. ______ for your business. How else may I assist you today?”
  12. We are responsive.  Although final resolution might not yet be obtained, always respond to business inquiries received during the same day. Follow up with timely updates to all pertinent parties regarding the status of assisting our customers.
  13. We answer the telephone within three rings and with a smile in our voice.  Never let calls go to voicemail unless requested by the customer. When answering the phone, say, “Good Morning/Afternoon, thank you for calling First Financial _________. This is (use name). How may I assist you today?
  14. We make warm telephone transfers.  Before transferring a phone call, ask the customer, “May I place you on a brief hold?” Once connected, provide a brief introduction between the customer and the employee. If the employee is unavailable, ask the customer, “May I ask them to call you, or would you prefer their voicemail?”
  15. We embrace and promote a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We attract, recruit, retain, develop, and promote employees who represent the diverse communities we serve. Our employees bring their own unique backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, and experiences to our organization. We celebrate our diverse and inclusive workplace as it brings new ideas, perspectives, and ways to enhance our overall customer and employee experience.
  16. We are knowledgeable of our job and the financial industry.  Take advantage of the numerous training opportunities available and obtain certification(s) for your current and future roles.
  17. We are safe and secure.  Stay current with required security trainings. Know your role in an emergency situation. Always protect customer, employee, and company assets.
  18. We protect our customers and the Company from fraud.  Actively support efforts to create better-informed customers and communities. When fraud is suspected, we respond immediately.
  19. We are trusted.  Always protect the confidential information of our customers and our company, both internally and externally.
  20. We are positive both inside and outside the workplace.  Our responsibility is to create a great environment and reputation for our company and each other. Serve as an ambassador for the organization at all times.
  21. We are unique and strive for Excellence in everything.  Create joy in our workplace and always look for opportunities to “WOW” our customers and fellow employees.

Our Mission

We build loyal life-long relationships by providing first class service with personal attention.

Through a commitment to this mission at every level of the organization, we generate growth for the Company and our communities while creating exceptional value for our shareholders in an environment of opportunity for our dedicated and professional bankers.

Our Vision

We are the undisputed leader in the financial industry.

Our brand is respected for providing excellent and personalized customer service, delivering unparalleled value to our shareholders, enriching the lives of our employees, and creating a positive impact on the communities we serve.